Blonde And Dangerous
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2001-10-25 21:58:08 (UTC)

Crappos...the Perfect Way to Start A Crappy Day

(Thanks, Marie-Cluade, for the quote... *grins*)

Currently listening to: "Ave Maria" (0:59 second snippet...
over and over and over)

Damnit. I have to miss the end of 1776 tomorrow. They
were just getting to the good part. Maybe Spooner'll let
me borrow it to watch the rest of it... or I'll have to
resort to actually going somewhere and RENTING it. That'd
just look dumb. Wonder if they ever show it on TV
anymore... hm...
Retainer tomorrow. Gah! I don't wike it! Not at all!

"you are not alone... i am here with you"