A Step Brother's revenge
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2001-10-25 21:22:11 (UTC)

The American Flag

Hello. My name's Kyle Shawn McKinzle. I'm 15 years old,
live in Florida, and I have a little sister, Hope. The
title of this entry is The American Flag. That's because
this first entry is some insite on how my life has changed
since September 11th.

Well, before September 11th, I would have done anything.
Without a doubting thought in my head. It's scary now that
I think of how I've changed. Every time I pass a flag now,
I stop and say the Pledge of Alligance. I think about the
diffeent ethnicities in America and how much we have all
changed. Before, segregation was everywhere. Everyone
singling someone else out for race, gender, sexuality, exc.
Now, we embrace each other. The other day, I was a black
woman clinging to a wealthy caucasion woman, crying. That
was the first time I saw anything of that sort.

I am not your normal guy, as you must be noticing. I am
not gay, if that's what you're assuming. Not that I have
anything against gays. I'm just sentimental. I find romance
novels interesting and they tug at my heart. I think
puppies are cute. My sister laughs at me all the time for
these qualities. I'm not ashamed to cry in front of ladies.

I am single, but that's not an offer. I look for certain
qualities in females. A few are, a sense of humor yet a
sense of when to be serious. A good education and a good
personality. I don't feel like having my arm turn beet red
from being slapped. I don't like cheerleaders. I think they
are too full of themselves. But, some cheerleaders are ok.
Not many of them, though. I like girls who are confident
who do not need reassuance of their beauty. If I like a
girl, she'll know it. It wouldn't be any more obvious.

Well, now you know who I am and what I'm like. Now you
know what kind of ladies I like. E-Mail me some time. Or,
just drop a hint on my diary. My e-mail is:
[email protected] Salutations: Ky