.Scream Your Dream.

Emo Violence
2001-10-25 20:56:28 (UTC)

woah there

so its been a few days, but thats ok, it means i havent
been in a sucky mood. im doin good. can we say EU stress.
this is what i live for, the shows are in less than 24
hours and im doin great, everythign is under controll, set
for tonight, i need to make the finalized schedule and im
gonna do that in a few mins, i need to call shelly about
her PA and bobby manriquez about sound, also includes mike
miller. everything is great, they added a skateboarding
demo and skate park toys for kids to play on as well. its
gonna rock. in other news, not much is goin on, job hunt
still goin on, im siked about seein junior, fall faster
rescue the past too.. itll be rad.... yo im out, my mom has
somthin funny to show me. also, get talk abouts.