The land of unknown
2001-10-25 20:29:35 (UTC)

Until you hear the devil call your name!!!!

Mood: GREAT!!!!
Music: Crossbreed 'Stem' (demo version - much better)

IT'S ABOUT FUCKING TIME!!! u'd think i meant that i
had a girlfriend or something, but what i'm talking
about, is me being myself for once. today was a BIG
step to improve life out here. in creative writing we went
to the computer lab to start a portfolio thingy and for
some reason i went to the one that me and Andrew
used in biology. the one next to the computer with the
possessed cd rom. and at first it sucked. i wasn't sitting
next to those i thought i'd be more accepted with. but
they seem very judgemental towards people they don't
know. but i was a couple seats down from this one guy,
Josh. this guy is a brain. but he knows he's not perfect.
he knows his flaws. unlike Peter (aka Micheal) who
thinks he's completely perfect and if u don't know
something he does then u'r stupid. Peter by th way is
some one i know from CA. but Josh is cool. and the girl
that sat between us (Joel, Joe-el), he knew, only from
that class though, but she's interesting too. very
sarcastic people. especially Joel. Josh is funny.
needless to say, after a while i was having fun. i actually
talked to others without the help of some one i already
knew!! i am returning to my formor self!!!! the one who
talks to people and makes friends!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
and tomorrow i go back to biology and get to chat with
my friends there. woohoo. i'd still rather go back to
creative writing, since i actually like the class.