Zone of Misfortune
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2001-10-25 19:57:59 (UTC)

So Yeah...

Well, end of the week coming up...Three tests, all of which
will either catapult me to a respectable 94-97 range in my
classes or let me stay at my mediocre 90-93 range or dive
me into the hell of 86-89, but that won;t happen.

Also filming first edition of the Cable show this week, got
my Renaissance Faire Clip done, all is well...Let's see,
still looking for a frontman in a band, things are still
weird in the social corner of my brain, stupid college
thing is creeping up on me, and my birthday is in
um....Nov. 5th. My parent's have bought me a Kramer 404
Imperial AX electric guitar with locking system, tremelo,
and 24, two octave range, frets and go-to heads complete
with two Kramer Quad-rail humbuckers. I'm kinda's chrome silver...

That's about all, braces come off Nov. 1st and i still
don't have a car. Work is beginning to get "iffy."
They're hiring many new people and my five hours a week
isn't going to get me a promotion, it might get me laid off

Oh well, twas a good thursday so far, it's only 4, but if i
nail the tests tomorow, all is good for the weekend.

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