Nick's Journal
2001-10-25 18:44:38 (UTC)

The Mind

I wish this class would end. I wish he would just stop
looking at me....I'm sure he doesn't know what I have
planned. I'm sick of him, and having to interact with him
just because our parents are friends. He has everything
and still acts like a shithead, it's time he lost
something. HIs parents and mine are best friends and i have to
listen to his inane babbling every time we're invited. i stand
rigidly and listen to his annoying anecdotes and opinions. i have to
listen to all the things that he has and why he deserves them.....i
can't stand it! The bell rings and I follow closely behind him,
I watch him drop his bag in front of his locker and go to
the snack machine. His usual routine, for the free
period. He'll now stand in front of the snack machine and
contemplate whether he wants M&Ms or Snickers, there are
those that have nothing, and he revels in easy, trivial
decisions that "complicate" his life. I thrust my hand in
the first pocket of his bag and come out with my prize.
One shiny key leading to his beautiful BMW. I head towards
the lot with my things, and try my best to avoid him, yet
he detects me and annoys me with his idiotic
interrogation. Where are you going? Are you done for the
day? What should I get? I hastily reply to each one,
hoping that the blood that rushes to my face and ears won't
give away my plans. I finally rid mysel of him as he turns
his attention to the Kit Kat bars. I race for the parking
lot and then I encounter my only fear since I began it
all. I had kerri bring me to school so that I wouldn't
have my car, however EVERYONE knew what kidn of car I was
driving and what car HE drove. If they saw me get into it,
I'd be done for. I scour the lot and then race to the car
door and frantically put the key in the lock. As I turn it
i hear the sound of a bike and as i whirl around i see
Claude. Claude was the mentally challenged person who got
the mail for the school. Basically he was the excuse the
school had to say it was politically correct. His eyes
watched me and I became uneasy. I waved to him for a
second rationalizing to myself that there was NO way that
he could possibly know that this wasn't my car. Yet he
continued to stare, straight at me, and as I started the
engine, he wheeled off towards the academic buildings. For
one crazy moment I thought of going after him and stopping
him. But then I calmed myself with the fact that he choked
on his own spittle if he so much as tried to say "hello"
and that the only way he communicated was by laughing at
everything you said. As i fly out of the lot I thought to
myself how Claude was a lot more efficent than most of the
intellectuals. I turned onto Derbyshire and my school
disappeared from view. I was free. I had accomplished
what I wanted to do. I headed towards the interstate.