Evil Twin

Must i have some cute or catchy name for
2001-10-25 18:38:22 (UTC)

Name the movie and get 10 points and a cookie!

"Liberate tu-tu me, ex inferous."

That's not really how i am feeling right now, but i love
that line and the movie it is from. So, that's my

Actually i feel pretty damn good today. Things didn't work
out the way they were planned; of course, they never do!
But it has gotten me thinking.

I'm not sure what the Wiccan stance on stealing is, but i'm
guessing it is not looked highly upon by the Gods. Last
night i asked the Goddess if i was doing the right thing,
and for a sign that i would not misinterpret. A few thunder
claps rolled through, but that could have been sheer
coincidence. So today, nothing works out the way it was
planned. Was it just bad planning on our part? Nah, i don't
think so, because we kick ass. Instead i cannot help but
wonder if the screwed up plans were the Goddess' way of
keeping me out of trouble, Her way of looking after me. I
don't know if you buy into the whole Wicca deal, or into
religion at all. But it does sorta make ya think, eh?