my life...
2001-10-25 18:13:51 (UTC)


Dear Diary~
Hey how's it going? So today was pretty good...I sent my
transcripts to Edinboro and Akron finally!! I hope I get in
to both week or so I am gonna apply to two
more... hope i get into those too...I really love Edinboro
though..I think I and someone else *cough cough* could have
a lot of fun there...It's in a really cute town and won't
be that far from my hunnie...the students there seem down
to earth and not superficial and highschoolish...not saying
of the other schools are..I mean no offense to anyone who
is applying elsewhere... Scott is amazing...I don't even
know why I worried before...He really does love me...This
is all so beautiful and came unexpectdly...and in no way
had I ever expected to fall in love with him this
quickly...I really do think it was love at frist sight...I
used to think of how amazing it was to think that there was
someone else in the world who needed me as much as I needed
them...someone dreaming of me and missing me...someone who
would be like my other half...I am pretty sure that I have
found's all SOOOOO great :) well I am outta here
now...luv ya'll ciao...