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2001-10-25 17:53:13 (UTC)

My Baby

Hey By the time all of my friends read this then they'll
probly know what happened to Shane's leg today. I felt bad
for him and Mrs. Harbison wouldn't let me stay up there
with him. I've never saw him in as much pain. But I love
him and he knows that I do whether I was up there or not.
And also in PE I laid my favorite pair of Bongo jeans up
on those metal trashcans in the locker room and when I
picked them up the stupid things got hung and now I have a
hole on the back of my pants. SO THOSE TWO THINGS HAVE
REALLY SUCKED TODAY!!oh and did i even mention that Shane
did go home!!! Marty talked to Krista's parents last night-
which that ended up BAD. Her mom told him that when she
turned 16 that she could date........just not him!!! HOW
IDIOTIC IS THAT. Well class is fixin to change I'll finish
this entry up tonight at home!