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2001-10-25 17:43:14 (UTC)

SO... yeah....Um.. I don t..

SO... yeah....Um.. I don't really have anything to say
right now. Um... I still like James you know, what can I
do? I have no fuckin idea what's going on in my head, I
don't know if i still like james really, I think I do this
all the time I really like a guy but to save myself from
being hurt I convince myself that I don't like them. But
for some reason I all of a sudden I find a lot of guys
attractive not really liking them, but being attracted to
them in different kind of ways. Like this kid dan you know
and I don't know what It is about him that I like, But I
liked him like 3 yrs ago in 9th grade. And he's really nice
and we're friends and thats cool bacause he's great. I
would go out with him, maybe.... I was thinking the other
day and I was thinking about all this stuff and I was
thinking about how there are only like 10 guys inmy whole
school of like 2500 people are some of them are ( in no
specific order) James, Ross, Dan, Chris G. and thats only a

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