My Life.............
2001-10-25 16:56:56 (UTC)


I forgot to write in here bout my walk lastnight.LOL oh
my, it wasnt funny at the time, i was scared shitless.....
i was on my walk, actually the end of it was on my way
home, when these 2 big, black dogs, come running up to me
barking like crazy, well, i cant run, and if i could i
wouldnt have cause it probably would have made them more
angry, so i kept walking slowly, and said "please dont bite
me" i swear i thought i was a goner when the one dog went
behind me, i was expecting it to take a bite out of my leg,
any way the meaner dog left and the other followed me
almost home, then i heard whistling and the dog took off, i
was so mad!! i wanted to yell "keep your fucking dogs on a
leash!!!!" im still a little upset about it, i dont know
the dogs, Roy says they are friendly, but the didnt seem so
friendly lastnight! its a shame when someone cant take a
walk without a dog(s) chasing after you! if it happens
tonight im going to go to the house and tell them exactly
what i think! i know where the one dog belongs but im not
sure about the other one, apparently they got another dog!