Dirty Fractyl
2001-10-25 16:36:50 (UTC)


She and I had such a wonderful conversation last night,
that the happiness has lingered on over into today. She is
so encouraging, so positive, and so...CUTE! She just
totally cheered me up and lifted me out of the mini-
depression that was nagging me. She's such an intelligent
girl, especially w.r.t. knowing how people (girls! ;))
think and operate.

Oh, and today is the day!--We're getting Road Runnah! Hell
yeah...I'll have 1000 MP3s by this time next week.

I had a dream I banged 11 girls in 8 months last night. It
was horrible. And I was proud of myself. I was the type
of guy that I detest. That will never happen. Ever.

It looks as though I am going to be getting a '94 engine
for my Sentra that has a mere 52k miles on it. That really
kicks ass. It's $500. My mom is going to loan me the

I have to study physics all day. BLAH! I wanted to go to
the Conference Cross country meet at 4:30, but I have no
car. Sean Burris, one of the kids that was a freshman when
I was a senior, is running, and he has already clocked a
sub-15 time this year. I would love to get to see him
run. He ran 2:15 faster than my PR and I was one of the
better runners in the conference! Crazy stuff...

Today just better keep on going well. I better not fail my
physics test tomorrow. I'll be screwed for the class if I
do. Grrrrr....