2001-03-14 01:25:18 (UTC)

I haven t written in a pretty..

I haven't written in a pretty long time, but anyway...

NOTHING is going especially well these days!!!
Academically, I feel like a blockhead. MDM and I usually get
along but we are having a tiff. N and I, on the other hand,
are getting along great. I think she's my best friend. In my
grade, these are the cliques, at least for girls:

1- Pretty, half-dumb.
2- Half-pretty, not dumb.
3- Half-pretty, half-dumb.
4- Not pretty, dumb.

I belong to the second one. I know what I wrote could be
considered really superficial...but I am very perceptive,
and that's the truth. Isn't it funny how there is never
really a group that's pretty AND not dumb?
I have really always been second-rate, B , silver medal,
Not that I have an incredible longing to belong to the most
popular group. They pretend to be sweet with everybody, but
once they get out! They are cattier than
PMSing hyenas.

And worst of all, E doesn't seem to be interested anymore.
He is nice of course ( he has always been ), but today he
was chatting up A, this underdeveloped dyed-blonde whom I
detest. I shouldn't's just that he's so
adorable--big brown eyes with wispy, fine chamomile-colored
hair and this button nose--sweet, and witty.
Anyway, I'm controlling myself. I think I need to examine
how I come off to other people. I should be a bit less
aloof. And sweeter, definitely sweeter.And take everything
in stride. You only live once, for heaven's sake.

I am going to put everything on hold until I lose a lot of
weight. So far with exercise I'm doing wonderfully. Here's
my daily routine, except for Fridays:

1- 40 waist crunches.
2- 72 lunges.
3- 72 bench presses with 5 lbs. dumbbells.
4- 60 leg lifts.
5- 100 sit-ups.

This is along with the 20 minute, steep, walk, to and from
school five days a week.

Okay. My horoscope looks promising for tomorrow. Wish me
the best.