My Journey to Motherhood and Life
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2001-10-25 15:55:29 (UTC)

puking and heartbeat

Hi! I haven't written in weeks because I have been so
ill. Morning sickness, afternoon sickness, evening sickness!
I have thrown up so many times and I have been so exhausted.
I have missed a lot of work. I have cried alot,just tired of
being ill.
The doctor gave me some medicine yesterday that might
help. I think I am starting to feel better anyway, just a
little at a time. This was my first prenatal visit.I am 9
1/2 weeks. I got to hear the heartbeat of the baby! That
made it seem much more real and not just an idea.
My husband has been really helpful and sweet. I
couldn't make it through this without him.
My mom and sister call me a lot to check on me. It's so
sweet. Did I tell you that the baby is due the same day of
my brother's graduation? That is going to be interesting.