The Daily Babble
2001-10-25 15:20:09 (UTC)

Back to school after a great day..

I had a pretty great day/nite yesterday....

So I had work and then drove to NJIT at 5 and waited in my
car til Jeff called...He got there around 6 and we drove to
Menlo Park mall to buy him a watch...Things didn't look
good until we went to Nordstrom's where he got himself a
pretty nice Fossil watch. =-) So that put us in a good
mood cuz he'd been wanting to get a new watch for a while

I brought dinner for us [Indian food that my mom made that
he really likes] but we decided to stop off at an Indian
resturant for some food anywayz. Well that was an annoying
experience. We wanted to get some kind of special and
split it between us but the lady said we couldn't do that
unless we ordered another dish, so we got dessert. So we
did, but then the whole time we were there, she was glaring
at us for sharing our food and saying we weren't supposed
to and things like that. What was stupid was that they
talked in Indian all loud..I don't know if they didn't
realize that I understood or if they wanted me to
understand! But I was pretty annoyed with the whole

So after that we left and drove to his house. We gave his
parents and cousin the food that I brought and they got all
excited so I hope they enjoyed it. Me and Jeff hung out
for a while and then left to meet up with Merissa at the
Starbucks at Barnes and Noble. But we got halfway there
and realized we left her graduation present at his house!
So I called her to say we were gonna be late and we sped
back to get it and then finally met up with her. It was
cool. It was good seeing her since we haven't seen her
since her graduation!!!

So we all got our drinks and headed over to the children's
section to talk for a while and then spent some time
talking in the parking lot too! Finally we separated and
headed home.

Jeff and I were up til like 2:30 before he passed out, but
I had some trouble falling asleep!

This morning we had one hell of a time getting up, I was
all cranky =-) [Hey it happens] but then we finally got
up. We got ready and stopped off at Dunkin Donuts before
he dropped me off at NJIT. Now I'm just hanging out in the
labs until the my class starts...Fun stuff...

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