the one who got away

lost somewhere inside of me
2001-10-25 14:59:47 (UTC)



as i roll out of bed
i grab my towel and head for the bathroom
turn on the water and pull off the clothes
step inside to the hot abyss and get lost inside a dream
so many things rush through my mind
like who i might want to be standing there next to me in
the years to come
i finish and reach for towel
i dry off and wrap it around my head , brush my teeth and
head for my room.......naked no less
then i sit in front of my computer and read my mail
while inbetween loading i find clothes to wear
throw them on and log out of aol
run upstairs and grab the money off the stove
jump in my car and speed off to class

after i normally meet my friends for lunch in the S.A.C
then i jump in my car and drive to the workage
after i stand for about 5 hours greeeting people and
showing them to their seats
i head homeward bound
to get back online to talk to my guys and dolls
and then hit the dream world once again
after thanking my lord jesus for the best day of my life

love you all