Jerks of Attention
2000-11-12 12:59:48 (UTC)

Today is a day which was kinda..

Today is a day which was kinda cool:)
I had a good rehearsal, we finished off 'Miriam' and I got to put some creative ideas into it, for some
vocal lines at least so that was cool.
Seems everyone around me is having relationship problems, but me. One wants someone who can't
commit, another wants someone she couldn't commit to, another is committed but has an uncommited
partner. That big 'ol COMMITMENT thing is screwing everyone around. SO now I'm pondering committment.
Is it really such a huge issue? I suppose I think it is. But I still can't commit. It's such a deprivation of
freedom. But. I am comitted. Really. It's days like today that make me realise I am.
'Her name was Noelle I have a dream about her she rings my bell'
ugh i wish that song would get the hell out of my head, Vanessa is in SO much trouble. I've had it stuck
in my head ever since well, 1pm today.
Now it's 11 54 pm. Blah, ick! The only cool thing about that song is that they dig Iron Maiden. :
Saw a rather cool movie tonight "The Negotiator" It's pretty old I'm thinking, seeing as it was network
tele. Had Samuel L Jackson and Kevin Spacey. There were some dude with cool boots. But they were
not FBI. Just heavy duty Chicago forces guys. I kinda missed the beginning cuz I was trying to do some
electronics homework. I tried three problems and got none right so i went and watched tele instead.
Ugh, clever me. But I studied for my Sys exam, did some C programming questions and the rest, that
was not too bad.
Hmmm, I gave Claire her Bauhaus cd's today, now i am having withdrawals.
I well I have Wheatus to keep me company, like, sha.
Tomorrow I must go shopping, i neeed tweezers! ANd I need to go to work as well. Oh well maybe I
will find another cool book. Or a good cd. Oh damn, gotta take back that Charlie Parker cd.
Okay, gotta do something else now, bye!