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2001-10-25 14:20:29 (UTC)

Liberals are idiots when it comes to the economy.

I was reading a news article on
http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,37228,00.html and it
just makes me angry. The Republicans are trying to balance
out the spending with the spending cuts and all the
Democrats want to do is spend. Tell me something. What
will happen to the economy if every job and benefits are
run by the Government. We would be a communist country and
at the mercy of our government and the economy would
colapse just like the Russians. I was reading the
arguments of the stimulus package in the House and the
Republicans are stating facts and numbers and the Democrats
are stating ifs and what shoulds no numbers and no facts.
Gee which arguments should I believe. Here is what the
Republicans want to do and then some arguments on it.

Baucus unveiled a $70 billion plan, $35 billion of which
will go to tax relief and $35 billion to expanded
unemployment and health benefits for displaced workers.

Sounds pretty balanced to me but the Democrats doesn't want
buisneses to be rescued they just want the money to go to
poor people. That way the people who own buisnesses will
get a wellfare check instead of there fat checks that they
use to employ people with. Enough of me here is the real

Oh here is the actual Dem plan. Senate Democrats were
also taking another look at the House Democratic proposal,
which would extend unemployment benefits for 26 weeks,
would increase weekly unemployment benefits, and would
create a one-year program providing federal payment of up
to 75 percent of COBRA health care, which fills in for up
to six months when an employee loses employer-provided
health insurance. Yeah this will stimulate economic
growth, not.

Democrats argue that the government has a
responsibility to provide assistance to low-paid workers
and others in need of assistance, which will eventually
help consumers back onto their feet and ready to contribute
to the health of the economy.

Republicans "Roughly two-thirds of the taxpayers in the
top income brackets are small business and entrepreneurs.
Increasing the income tax burden risks slowing the economy
even more," said House Majority Leader Dick Armey, R-Texas.

Democrats Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, D-S.D.,
also said the bill that is now coming to the Senate for a
vote "is not as much stimulus as it is just going back to
the same approaches that our Republican colleagues have
used for a long time to address issues of import to them."

The dispute over the bill emphasizes longstanding,
impassioned differences between the two parties.
Republicans believe holding the line on spending and heavy
tax cuts – especially to business – will put money in the
pockets of consumers and stimulate job growth.

Democrat-led Senate. Sen. John Breax, D-La., warned
that unless a bipartisan measure taken in the Senate, there
would be no passage of any package in his chamber.

This is good. If they don't do what the Dems want then
there won't be any stimulus package and the country can
just suffer. F U Democrats. How can keeping people
dependant on wellfare checks until they can get back on
there feet work. Wellfare as far as I know isn't enough
money for anyone to create there own job and start hiring
other people to work for them. It just keeps them on
wellfare and dependant on the government to take care of
them. Isn't that nice of the government. Big Mom and
Dad. Take your dam heads out of that dark place you have
them and try to save to once prosperous buisnesses so they
can employ people and get them off wellfare. I don't care
if buisnesses get better tax breaks than I do. The fact
that I get a tax break like that six hundred dollar check
this summer was great. I put that money in the fund that
My wife and I have to buy the horse farm we always wanted.
That is six hundred more than we had. F Democrats go
Republicans. Atleast Republicans know how economics

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