The First 9 Months of Our Lives
2001-10-25 13:55:37 (UTC)

We're moving!

Well, we're moving this Friday/Saturday! Texas here we
come! I can't wait. Since the 20th John and I have had
the apartment all to ourselves because our roomies moved
out to another apartment....It has been heaven! Man! :)
I mean...the apartment is still a mess because we're going
to have a cleaning day, hopefully tomorrow and everyone is
going to come over and clean up their mess.

Or at least--that's the plan. I doubt anyone will...which
sucks! I'm feeling more pregnant now....I'm officially 13
weeks along (3 months and a week) and all my newsletters
that I get say that my baby is approx. about 3-4 inches
long and weighs about 1 ounce! How exciting! Anyway, I
only have about 3 more weeks left and then I get to find
out if it's a boy or a girl!!!

I can't wait! Anyway, it's been really hard to write in
here...I'm trying but I keep getting lazy. Like right
now...there is tons to write...but...well, I don't
wanna... I just got to work and there is lots of work to

So, I'm going to attempt to write more in a bit. :)

See ya in a bit...

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