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2001-10-25 13:32:55 (UTC)

Walking Foot

A walking foot is an attachment for a sewing machine which
makes it easier to sew several layers of cloth together.
It's also sometimes called an even feed because that's what
it does--feeds the different layers of fabrics into the
machine evenly, making it easier to sew.

After sewing on the bindings of two quilts I decided I
needed one of these. I also want to make some placemats and
it would be great if I could machine quilt instead of
handquilt these. Machine quilting isn't my thing but it
makes sense for some practical and well-used items, like

I couldn't find the model number on my machine. John
finally found it in small print on the right hand side.
When I went to look for the walking foot that would fit my
machine, I couldn't find one so I resorted to my fall-back
plan--Ebay. I found one seller which had one and claimed it
would fit my brand name of sewing machine and when I emailed
and asked if it would fit my particular model said it would.
He had a buy-it-now feature which I used and I used
Billpoint to pay for it so it should hopefully arrive
I spent some time looking at the Millenium Quilt I put in
the frame today, trying to figure out how to quilt it. I
may just outline quilt the pieces and then use diagonal
quilting throughout the entire quilt, even over the applique
pieces. I'd seen this on some of Jan's quilts and I like
the effect. I wish when a designer made a pattern they'd
give a quilting design too instead of just saying "quilt as
desired". I need some guidance here, please! Even if I
didn't use their quilting design it would at least give me
some idea on where to start.

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