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2001-10-25 13:27:50 (UTC)

What to do.

I know i don't exactly write in this thing daily, but there
hasn't been a lot happening in my life. Although as of
yesterday i now have stuff to talk about. YOu see, when
Jim, my stepdad, came home last night he was crying. Now he
and i do not get along to well, but i felt sorry for him. I
asked what was wrong and he said a buddy of his who
everyone knows as animal had an annerism (probably spelled
that wrong) in his heart and it blew out the bottom half of
his heart. WE don't know if he made it through the night
last night or not. If he does he will be a vegetable. And
on top of that a really close friend of mine is moving away
to a new school that is far away, and that has me a little
depressed. I felt like i was going to cry all day yesterday
and probably will break down today. Well i am gonna go
before i break down into tears.

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