2001-10-25 13:27:28 (UTC)


NOTE: Sorry for the delay in these entries. I haven't been
using the computer much during the day and at night the boys
are on it and I fall asleep before they're done which
results in no entries being posted. I'll try harder to keep
I dug out the blocks I'd made when I started my Angels
sampler quilt based on Jan Patek's pattern but, as usual,
changed to make it my own. It's very much a folk art
pattern with many different varieties of angels as well as
houses, cats, pieced log cabins, stars, flowers, trees, and
sheep. I made several snowmen too but I don't know if I'll
include those in the final quilt or not. I had also
completed several embroidered blocks including a title block
with the date--1999. I pieced several little houses but had
trouble getting them to look right until I realized that the
roof had to be darker than the sky. I felt frustrated with
how little I accomplished today on this quilt even though I
spent quite a bit of time working on it.
Just before John left for work I asked him if he'd turned in
the insurance forms but he said he didn't know if he had or
not. I can't understand how someone could forget this. I
don't mean forgetting to turn in the forms; I mean
forgetting if they'd even turned them in or not. He thinks
he did, but he's not sure. I'm tempted to go search the top
of his desk and see if the forms are still sitting
there. That or call and ask to see if they were really
turned in or not. I find not knowing very stressful; I
really don't want to see our health insurance canceled
because he forgot to turn in the forms. ARGGG!!
I "spoke" to Jack several times via email today. I advised
him to get a flu shot although his response was "You know I
hate shots". I know you do, dear, but get it anyway! He
has never had the flu and doesn't have any idea how
debilitating it can be. Because of Hugh's heart condition,
we are all eligible to get our flu shots early. We'll be
going to the Central Valley Church Monday morning to get
ours. Well, Hugh, Gavin and I will. John is working so
he will probably wait until he can get one from our family
doctor and Owen may have to wait until early December
because of his classes although I'll tell him to find out if
he can get one through the student health center.