Karen & Austin~edd=11-15-01
2001-10-25 12:50:14 (UTC)

Babysitting Sucks!

Wednsdays schedule:
3a sleep,10a answer the door for a preaching woman with
flyers.Then back to sleep.2p look up mikes address for my
sister while she waited.Then back to sleep.3p the kids came
home.Cartman(16)comes over so all quiet is lost.5p I beg
cartman to watch the kids while I scrub my stinkey body.7p
Sis comes home!:)I go home to play online.
So basicly I slept very little through wednsday with a diet
of dry cherios,tortillas and a quick PBJ sandwitch while the
new loaf of bread still existed.When I got home I watched
fox family channel and talked dad into buying some icecream
at 12 last night.My eating habbits are bad for me.
I dont want to babysit for my sis anymore.The toilet is
always clogged with poop and the last of the TP.Picture me
in my last month of pregnancy sitting on the floor pileing
shoes,coats,food,and papers on the couch.I go home 2-3 days
later nothing to show for babysitting besides being stinky
and sleepy.
Now my sister is telling me I have to sleep in my nephews
bed with him to keep her couch looking ok.Ive slept on my
couch every night for the past 9-10 months and it looks damn
good.Her couch wouldnt be worn out if her daughter didnt
poke holes with pencils in it and leap from arm to arm.She
acts def until I yell and cries when she gets hurt like I
warned her she would.
I never liked the way my cousin bailed out the night before
she had to babysit.Now I know my sister isnt reachable until
the night before.You know what Im going to do today?Im going
to refuse to babysit the kids at my sisters house.I might
wind up having the kids with me until 2am but someone will
be here with me when I cant stop the kids.Let my sister pay
for daycare instead of wasteing my free time for her to have
some extra free time.After today,screw my sister.Maybe she
wont have time screw #2 over the same exact way she screwed
#1 for #2.What comes around will go around with her.Nobody
else can talk about my sis but me and after years of sibling
disputes I have the right to do so.
At my house I dont wake up here to a 5 year old stomping my
covers off and coughing spit on my face.I told my friend she
should be paid more than 10$ a week for babysitting.Look at
me,I babysitting two kids all the time for no money.Im not
going to feel stupid when I dont have to.I dont even get an
occasional sub or shared pizza anymore for my free duties to
her and the kids.Im going to bed now.Its 8:30am Thursday and
Im sleeping straight through this whole day with or without
my mom picking up the kids.I dont care about watching my
sisters kids as much as she should.Why do I feel obligated
to watch their progressions of destruction?