aris' thoughts
2001-10-25 12:49:02 (UTC)

changing times

ok so yesterday on first sight , i followed my Mistress
instructions and reached out to give him a hugg and guess
what ?? he hugged back. not really sure at the time how
this made me feel but my mind slipped to think i had
pleased my Mistress in obeying. T had no karate so i went
foodshopping instead didnt get home til about 630 and it
was a rush to get groceries put away and make dinner and
give kids baths all before the childrens 8 bedtime, but i
managed somehow to get it all done. soon after kids went to
bed i took a few deep breaths to prepare for part two of
Mistress instructions. i fetched him a beer and took it to
him in living room, yes he was in living room watching tv
cause the redwings played last night (his team) and
sattelite is on only in living room. nervously i handed him
the beer, and stuttered my words at first until he looked
at me and said what?? *deep breath* "would you like me to
assist you in the shower tonight" it seemed time stood
still a moment waiting for his reply, i feared he would say
i would like that but he didnt, instead he replied with a
crude typical male remark of 'only if your on your knees',
so i laffed it off with him. walked away thinking, yessss
my Mistress Your girl made it thru part two. had a cup of
coffee and then decided to get part three done which i
really was not looking foward to. i had forgotten my clamps
yesterday and Mistress instructed me to kneel in bathroom ,
pushing my ass high up in air and wack each ass cheek 10
times with big wooden spoon. i went upstairs to bathroom,
lit my Mistress candle and stripped quickly, i try to do
things as if Mistress were standing there before me and i
know She would not be pleased if i took too long to expose
Her sluts body to Her. kneeling on the cold ceramic tyle in
that bathroom my nipples instantly becoming hard , aching
for the clamps that torment them so but they would not be
satisfied, not this time. i held kneeling position for a
min or two thinking of why i was in this position, spread
my knees farther apart pushing my ass up as my forehead was
pushed hard onto the floor, like it would be if Mistress
foot were on it holding it tight to ground. closing my
eyes, wishing Mistress had said to shove my filthy panties
in my mouth to muffle my cries but no i had to remain in
control of my motions which i think is harder yet, not
wanting anyone in house to hear or wake the kids. raised
the spoon up with tight grip in my hand and there in my
cold bathroom , wacked each ass cheek 10 times. the tears
were almost instant for i did not hold back, Mistress
wouldnt hold back so the sting was crisp, am sure Mistress
would be proud to see Her girl can follow thru without
supervision the same i would with. was hard not to cry out
and i think it made the tears flow rapidly but remembered
with quivvering voice to thank Mistress afterwards, say my
prayer to Mistress and kiss the floor. the cool air stung
and the heat was most uncomfortable , now had this been
done in play, for my Mistress pleasure, enjoyment, this
would have been most pleasant for me, but it wasnt, wrapped
my robe on and went downstairs after washing my face and
blowing out candle. came to Mistress online maybe 30 mins
later. still not sure of my emotions of the day , Mistress
sent me to bed when i tired and when i went upstairs and
climbed into bed much to my surprise bob reached his arm
out cradling my head in it, holding me, holding me, and it
felt ......NICE!!