Rach's thoughts
2001-10-25 12:42:19 (UTC)


The most fun and interesting thing happened on Monday. I got
OK that may seem wierd but it was really good fun. We were
protesting against Nuclear Weapons at Faslane (in Scotland
near glasgow). I wasn't planing on getting arrested but I
had the choice of standing up for what I believe in or
letting people get into the base. I chose to take part in a
lock on (a group of people all tye there hands together
through long tupes). I havn't been formally charged yet so I
might get off with just a coution.
Anyway it was one of the best experiances ever and I don't
ever think that I will forget the officer who tryed to feed
us "Vegan Hallal Macoroni Cheese", Notice a few things about
this, 1, Vegan means that it contains no animal products, 2
Hallal means that the animal is killed in a humane manner
and 3 Cheese is made with milk. SO hence supposidly have
Soya milk cheese that was killed in a humane manner and made
without any animal produce.
You can perhaps see why we didn't eat it.
Love and Light