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2001-10-25 11:57:09 (UTC)


Yeah, I'm feeling really good, that's right, really good.
Quite frankly there's nothing more enchanting than working
out your 9-5 the day after a full on blow out, watching a
gig, going to the aftershow, and then to the after-after
show... Unable to find a taxi, but able to find myself
totally stranded with a full on hours walk in the rain, in
the cold, in the dark, reaking of cheap beer, stumbling
along with my septum having taken a fully fledged beating.
Nice. My kind of night. Now sitting here with my vision
impaired, my brain virtually 100% out of action, and
burning in my throat, which doesn't seem to be drowned by
any amount of H2O. Great. Anyway, work, oooh, boring,
McFly, McFly! Has it ever been any different? Hey at least
I've got a job, at least I'm not squatting next to the only
cash point in town 24-7, repeatedly asking normal people
with normal lives for some change to get a hit from. Nice

Anyhow, this being my first entry, I think that I'll call
it a day, obviously not call my entry a day, that's a
ridiculous name for an entry, something more like bob, or
rita would be appropriate, wow, nice attempt at humour

A bientot then.

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