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2001-10-25 11:48:54 (UTC)

MR. Perfect ???

Well just to write the truth i am in a kind of in a stage
of confustion. and don't know what to do!
Juat wondering what would i do can i tell him that i like
him does that alway's have to scare away everyone am i sure
that i like him or am i just afriad tha he will meet the
real me and he won't like me or is it i am afirad of
meeting his other side!!!
I think i am just afriad of meeting his other side and
finding out that he is like a total jerk.... well you know
that 's why i put this title mr. perfect???
well i do know i like him for sure but i am having these
problem's lately like the world was turning and still is
buit in this onperiod of time i didn't go with it...
i mean if i look at the world threw other glasses does that
mean i am miss under stood or am i just a fool that still
has som piont's of view or are my view's just to early for
this society with the society ever change and realise it
hasn't moved a inch 'cause it still try's to say what is
cool what is popular...or if you do this your in if not
your out???
why do people want to be sheep , i mean like people are
closing there eye's and being sheep but don't want to admit
it. i mean then they go and blame God as if he said like
you have to do something you don't like or want ...
PEOLPE ARE SHEEP and the shepard's are the powerful one's.
i mean the one's that don't care what other's think but
there is also a problem in that.... i shepard's should be
the people that are going for goood not bad...
Well i jumped off my topic to try to let you understand my
I like a guy mr.perfrect and i do think he is perfect for
me,but i am so afriad i will find behind him a SHEEP ...i
really just want to kiss him and live with him but
hopefully the time will come and i will get the chance to
know what to do ......
If not then i am just afriad i will go out threw my life
just thinking and not doing a thing.....
so i have to start working on my idea's not only thinking
about them......

............. MONY