De-Tet-aCh Memoir
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2001-10-25 11:37:45 (UTC)

The real stuff

Tuesday 23/10/01

Yeah it was my real birthday today...spent most of the day
in the physics lab with Guo Kai...doin our Tech421
assignment...shucks... next week's exam and i'm still left
with 1 major essay to write!!! anyway, we finished up
whatever we could do and then handed it in...realli sloppy
work i suppose...but no time to complain about that : P

i was supposed to meet David in the labs to finish up our
final s/wproject report... and i "flew the aeroplane" at
him again...shucsk...for the 2nd time in a row... felt
really bad...saw his email late...

was feelin quite bad today actually...cos my future is
still uncertain at this stage...really frustrating as i
cant get many things done because of that..i was still
waiting for the university to confirm my IA placement
here...really hoped that they will approved as i've spent
tonnes of efforts to locate and prepare for the position

moping, i then went over to luke's to return his test
scripts that he carelessly left on my computer terminal...
turned out he was feelin really moody too ..due to some we decided to go down to the video store to rent
a game...Serious Sam!! heheh ...really brainless
fun...blast headless screamin bombers and crazy mutant hogs
up in a 2-player split screen co-op mood... after dinner,
we spent the whole nite blastin out monsters.... freakin
fun game...check it out...

we shud have been studyin...but couln't care less... i went
back to my place around midnite...and the unbelievable
happened...i received an email stating that my proposal has
been approved!!!!! YEAAAAHHHH!!!! my efforts have finnaly
paid off : ).. i was bitchin and moping around so much that
it really affected my mood it feels so fuckin
fantastic!!! this must be the best birthday of my
life...where i experienced so many different kinds of
named it...

i'm really glad that things turned out that's well, for now it seems that i may be spendin the
summer over here in wellington as well...really cherish all
these opportunities and will make the best of em!


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