ergot and the ju ju queen

antipodean delights...
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2001-10-25 09:04:04 (UTC)

the boy 'formerly known as the whinger'

It's the small things.. :)

I just tucked my little boy (formerly known as the whinger)
into bed. He is adorable. 2 1/2 and I love our chats!

To go to bed, he requires the following:

Gussy the gorilla (which I got on my 8th birthday!)

Marko the Darko (another of my stuffed bears..)

Buzz Lightyear doll

Not one, but TWO books.. (the same ones each night, tucked
in with him..)

And a ball. lol

Then he says, "pray first mummy".. and he proceeds to say
the following..

"pray mummy, pray daddy, pray granny, pray uncle xx, pray
kris, pray xxx" etc and he names all the people important
in his little life.. (he says one I prompted a few times,
but he says it on his own now.. and even though I know
ergot would object, he's in there.. ;) hehe

Then I kiss my boy, in the "goodnight spot".. (on his
forehead..) and I say, "Goodnight, sweet dreams baby, I
love you."

And he says back, "goodnight, sweet dreams baby, I love

And my heart swells each time!

The JuJu Queen - Gussy's first generation owner. :)

(Oh, and I want to know how it made you feel, ergot.. re:
this chat:

jjq: "brown eyed girl" I love this song.. if I have a
daughter, next.. I shall sing this to her.. :)
ergot: good
jjq: unless I have your child.. ;) heheh then I'll have to
change it to blue eyed girl..
ergot: have my child do you realise how that makes
me feel..
jjq: I wonder if it's the same as it makes me feel..?
Tell me...
ergot: well may be

(I won't put what you went on to say.. ;)

But I must admit.. I'd love to know how it made you feel.
Just the thought of it.. :)

jjq x