Screaming Cathedrals
2001-10-25 07:32:02 (UTC)

Sooo tired.. can't think...

Ohhh... let's see.. what's happened of late..
Lauren came down this weekend and showed us her camping
site.. but.. the bad part is.. it's on church grounds.. in
the woods..
But.. they'd been doing it for years.. so we thought it
would be a neat place to start hanging out.. and thought we
wouldn't get caught..
Well.. last night we tried to go up there and some
undercover cop saw us in the parking lot and stopped us..
but we covered our asses and got the hell outta dodge..
but.. we'll be coming up with a new place soon, hopefully.
My friend, Devin is getting a job.. WOOT.. he's been trying
sooo hard and getting sooo frustrated... he hates not
having work.
Jon and I are going to a fetish ball with friends from work
this friday.. it's going to be awesome.
Then Saturday his brother David is coming down and I'm
supposed to meet him.
Today was so odd... this lady was handing out gospel tracks
in the mall parking lot.. and..err... I don't feel like
typing the whole story again.. so I'm just going to paste
the logs I have from when I told my friends in a chat room
earlier about it...
Here it goes: Aerea = girl I work with, April =
Assistant manager at work, Ryan = Friend that works at the
game store here
It goes like this.
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I went into the store.. because I was at the
mall and had to go pee and didn't want to use the public
bathrooms and Jon was there waiting one..
-one on me
April was leaving work and goes out to her
car... and gets stopped by this lady handing out bible
she calls the store while I'm in the bathroom
and tells us what's going on.. and tells us to call
security on her..
So.. Jon hears what's going on and RUNS out to
the parking lot
I get out and they tell me.. so I jet out there
Aerea is at customer service and sees us going
and yells accross the mall "go get 'um Adele! *insert
barking here*"
So.. I get out there and the chick had already
stopped Jon and was preaching to him..
So I walk up and she gets onto both of us
Then Aerea comes up... slaps my ass.. and I'm
like... "oooOOOooOOOoo baybe!! Harder! " and I start
rubbing up on her to piss the lady off.
So then Aerea and I spot her bag of tracts and
start rummaging through it and taking some out.. to keep as
souvaniers , or course..
So I hand one to Jon.. and he proceeds to EAT
it... and I'm like "now you have the word of GOD inside
So... security shows up and kicks her out of the
Jon and I go over to his truck to watch the
fun... and I'm sitting there.. And I tell Jon.. ."You
know.. I bet she'll go to Kmart next..."
So he's like.. "let's FOLLOW her and get he
thrown out of there too... she was really being bitchie to
So.. sure enough.. we go to Kmart.. and she's
So Jon and I go in and tell customer service
that there's a crazy lady out in the parking lot bugging
people, giving out bible tracts and stuff..
So... we go to sit in the truck and watch the
Security comes out.. and tells her to leave
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She walks over to her car.. but on the way yells
shit to us... and then tries to stop someone else to tell
them about JESUS! .. and Jon yells... "Hey! Isn't that
and so they have it out for awhile.. and she's
telling us that we're going to hell.. and I'm yelling from
the car.. "hell sounds like a neat party!"
So... she starts to leave... and Jon comes back
to the car....
And we go to tell Ryan the story.
After we told him..
run in with a jesus person?
I'm sitting there thinking...
Yes, maggles.
i'm sorry
"I bet she's going to Walmart!"
So.. we go to walmart..
and sure e-fucking-nough she's THERE!
i just tell those jesus psychos to fuck off
it's so funny.. my boyfriend is so nice about it,
and i'm just like"yeah, whatever jesus freak... you can go
fuck off now"
So.. we drive past her.. and she's busy talking
to some lady... and she points at us as we drive by and
goes "That's them right there!" so she obviously had be
talking about us..
shhhh.. I'm not done, maggles
oh.. pardon me
So.. Jon runs in ... tells customer service..
and we go out to the car.
* Ade|aide molests maggles
it's okay
oh baby ;)
and we're waiting to see the show.
And so we wait..
and nothing happens..
So.. I get impatient and go back in to taddle
and while I'm in there... Jon sees her borrow a
phone from some lady.. and he assumes she's calling the
cops on us for following her... but the funny part is.. she
was doing something illegal at the time and if the cops
came.. she'd get arrested herself..
So.. jon comes in and gets me..
And we leave... laughing.. because we know the
cops are on their way... we're not going to be there.. and
she's going to get arrested.. and SHE'S the one who called
End of story.
what was she doing illegal?
It's not legal to do that in parking lots of
malls or stores.
damn christian freaks
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We're going to add this story into the movie
we're working on.
It's going to be awesome.
We're such asses sometimes.
and to top it off.. after all this.. hours
later.. we were upstairs...
Talking to a friend at some food place..
a lady walks up to talk to us.. and tries to
hand us another tract
Jon about died
We're going to add that to the movie we're working on
somehow.. it was just too funny to leave out.

Oh yeah... I saw the asshole at the mall the other day.. it
was pretty entertaining... you had to see him to get it.
Everyone at the store got a good laugh... and so has
everyone else I know that's seen him since we broke up... I
guess you can say he's... changed.. lol
Whatever floats his boat, I guess. Joey and Michelle missed
it, though.. they were really set on seeing it. Ah well.
Kay... I'm tired ... really tired now.. I got up early... :p
And I have to get up at around... 8am ... so I have about 4
hours to sleep, now.. hahaha... I need to get off the
net... grrr. I have to meet Jon and Ryan bright and early..
for reasons that will remain unsaid. And no, we're not
having group sex... heh.