2001-10-25 06:59:43 (UTC)

Obession and Wings For Honey-Bear

Dear Diary:
I have found the two perfect scents for my honey-
bear, Robert. One is Obession By Calvin Klein and
the other is Wings for Men by Gorigio of Beverly Hills.

I am truly obessed with Robert. That is why I
chose Obession by Calvin Klein and Wings expresses him ever so greatly.

I found Eternity for Frank. Because if my honeybear ever asked me to marry him, I would have to refuse.
Because I know it would never work out for us.

I mean, what can I say. I love Robert and I want him to be happy. I hope one day soon he will find the perfect mate. I mean I am drawn to him. But
I have so many health problems. He is not strong enough to go through them with me.

I do not know how often he thinks of me, I think
of him often. Nothing else in fact.

I have no doubt he loves me, but what to degree
is what I am afraid of.

I wish I had two wombs to give both of them a child. A little piece of myself before I leave this life.

My vampire doctors will eventually traveling restrictions on me whereas I can not travel very
far from Chicago. Robert and I live 90 miles away
from each other.

He lives in LaSalle County and I live in Cook County.

It was chance we met through Soul2Scream, a msntv
discussion usernet group for depression.

He responded to a post I put up there when I felt
so helpless and overwhelmed with depression, a
family monster.

I met Stephan over there, Eric, and Christina and

Eric called me on Sunday night. Stephan is moving.
I have to write him.

Christina and Carolann have msn messenger service.
So does my Honey-bear!

I do have strong feelings for honey-bear.

Love AmericanIrishRose