2001-10-25 05:23:18 (UTC)

1:01am technically Thurs

well SOS just left...
we've been havin soo much fun this week although im 'm00dy'!
i went over his house mon after i got outta work..
i wore his adidas pants that are horifically HUGE on me and
his sweater...
i went up to the door with my barrelof chocolate covered
pretzels under my arm...
he still didnt get the point, not even during my whining...
when he did he was cute about it giving me a hug and
saying "wana go to friendlys?" or "want 60 chocolate
munchkins from DnD's?". instead we ended up gettin a movie.
he felt like pizza but i made him noodles instead. so i go
home n tues morn decide to ditch class. i got bf @ a bagel
shop and a pizza bagel 4 SOS. when i finally got to his
house after finding my way cause of a road block n callin
him like 3 times, him not picking up cause he was sleeping
and i knew he was there cause of his car... his front door
was luckily opened so he was waken up by ME jumpin on his
bed yellin "i got u a pizza bagel!". so i go to class after
work we meet up later on also Cdawg and the usual tues nite
spot. today i ran errands with him after class . we got a scratch off n won $10 -
split it...BIG $$!! whoohoo! i came home did some stuffeses
and after his last class went to get hook ups 4 his car...
a new stick shift blue thing, a lighting bolt n a dice
lighter that didnt fit. :-( we passed by his friends
sara's n played with her snakes... then he blind folded me
and took me to FRIENDLY'S 4 dinner!!!!! we took a walk, and
then met up w/ cdawg n jay @ kamikazis. didnt stay... came
back 2 my house watched t.v. now im waiting 4 my goodnite
call. tomorrows gonna suck cause i got class 9-2 then work
2:30-9 but the weekend looks promising! fri- halloween
party in etown sat- hall party in trenton, wich is also c-
los birthday but her party is sunday! im gona be little red
riding hood n SOS the big bad wolf!!! WOOF! ttyl

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