lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2001-10-25 05:07:53 (UTC)

modesty issues?!

ahhh! ok so i've been trying really hard to be a good &
modest girl, ok? like i tossed a bunch of tank tops and my
one halter top and the t-shirts i had that totally exposed
my midriff...but today i was wearing jeans & a t-shirt
after school and i leaned over to pick up my backpack and
my guy friend said, "ooh, showing a little skin today, are

noowwww you seeee....i've been told that the way to gauge
your modesty is by comments other people make. like if
they say something about me being a hooch or whatever then
that outfit is definitely a no-go since it's all about not
making other people uncomfortable looking @ me (or a little
toooo comfortable, ya know?) but i never dreamed that
my "jesus loves me" t-shirt and regular old jeans would
cause such a problem. oy!! now i feel quite baaadd...