hello kitty cat
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2001-10-25 05:07:25 (UTC)

I am...........................never change

mary had a little lamb.
her face was white as snow.
and every where that mary went.
I was sure to go.
now mary has a problem.
and mary's not a stupid girl.
mary's got some deep shit.
mary does not forget.
and this is how...
mary's garden grows
this is how..
mary has her ghosts

now take this and just a bit of this
cause I'm a sister and I'm a mother fuck
I'm am never enough.

and I said I wanna fill you up I want to break you, I wanna
give you up
from one another, no one should ever come
come between us...between us...

now we begin descent, to where we'vever been.
there is no going back
this wasn't meant to last
this is a hell on earth
we are meant to serve
she will never learn
she will never learn.