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2001-10-25 05:04:40 (UTC)

you got it bad

went through the day like usual today.after work ran a few
errands tryin to stay busy to keep this girl out of my
head.come to the conclusion she dont need me so Im gonna
stop tryin so hard to make her feel like a princess..after
I buy some new music pop it in the cd player who else calls
but babygirl, tellin me her car broke down and left her and
her son stranded. of course I got to be captain save a Ho
and come to the rescue. when I get there I see her son
kickn it and babygirl all stressed over her ride.the ride
is her problem thats every day occurence and I feel she can
deal with it.But I see her son who is about the same age as
my oldest and I ask if hes hungry of course he is mom is to
stressed on the car to worry about the kid so we head
inside Jack to get our grub on and she preceeds to unfold
the drama of her day Im sorry but Im not tryin to hear this
I told her the night before this mickey mouse job that was
done to repair her ride wasnt gonna get her far.I didnt
tell her but I told you so.right now my concern is her son
I see myself in that kid. In fact in most little boys I see
runnin round town with their single moms.I made the mistake
of havin feelins for his mom ,and gettin to know this kid.I
dont need to be no ones big brother,I have four younger
siblings.I dont need another kid I have two already.why is
it that I want to show these kids a better life than their
single mom does.I dont even know that moms doesnt give them
all the parenting they should ,and im not judging them.I
just have this feeling that I could be a better dad if my
kids were right here with me 24/7......Im tired of being a
weekend dad. I want that white picked fence with my dog in
the yard wanna join the PTA and all that parent shit..but
do I want A ready made family???????????
points to ponder

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