Ted Massey
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2001-10-25 05:00:48 (UTC)

My College Sucks!!!

Hmm... I never thought I could hate college more than my
high school, ohh well. Well anyways, I HAD to write a
letter to my college explaining how I am going to try
harder (even though my average is fine now) I was sick one
day for midterms so these two idiotic teachers gave me a 0
for my midterm test until i re-took it. Too bad that 0 was
on the midterm grades... now I have to write a letter about
that to this 'committee' or i get in trouble... just
watch, i will easily get a 3.5 at the end of the school
year.... here is the letter i wrote. As of now, my academic
progress within JCA is not acceptable to my standards, but
I would think it was acceptable to the standards of JCA.
Entering JCA, I was under the impression that a grade below
a 2.0 would make you eligible of getting kicked out of
JCA. I was also under the impression that being under full-
time status, as a student, would also give the school the
right to kick you out. The one thing that I was not under
the impression was that half way through the semester a B,
B, C, D, D (which is a total of a C) would also make you
eligible to be kicked out. On top of that, serving not
only the full-time 12 credits that I needed to be a full-
time student, but an extra 3-credits, would make you
eligible of getting kicked out.

“The privilege of living in the Residence Hall is extended
to students who are in good academic standing. Students
who do not maintain full-time status and a cumulative grade
point average of 2.00 or higher will not be allowed to live
in the Residence hall.”

(Junior College of Sage Junior Handbook (2001-2002),
top of page 61)

Under these regulations stated in the Handbook I would
assume that I would not be eligible of getting kicked out
of the dorms, but for some reason I am. Even going around
that fact that I have passing grades, if the school wants
me to get better grades, then I think I should aim to get
better grades.
I would like to first point out my midterm grades (a test
which is given to see how you fully understand your
education so far in the semester). The two classes that I
received the D’s in did not average in my midterm grades
for some reason or another. When I did take my midterm
grades in that class, I ended getting an 80 in one class
and a 93 in another class (both classes counted the midterm
grades at an estimate of a quarter of my grade so far). On
top of that, I also received an 89 on a midterm test in
one of my classes that I had a B in, which was not counted
into the midterm grades (which also vastly improved my
grades). This does not go without mentioning the C that I
have in English, which has ALL my grades based on a
portfolio at the end of the year (meaning that the teacher
has not graded anything except for two measly quizzes that
barely average into your final grade), I aced one of those
quizzes and missed the other one, that is why I have a C.
If you talk to my tutor in the summer (Mrs. Davenport) you
can find out how hard I work towards my English grade and
how much work I put into getting my A that I received in
English over the summer (which does not go to mention that
the class was condensed 1/3 that this semester is).
Well anyways, enough talk about my grades. What I DO plan
to improve on, for the committee and myself is going to
class on time. My downfall is going to class. One thing
that I do not understand about these classes is that your
grade mostly comes from being in class (rather than how
much you know about your education). My regular average
for most of my business tests and quizzes come out to a
pretty high grade, but I am brought down by class
participation. I plan on getting an adequate amount of
sleep from now on and also going to EVERY single class. I
have the determination to do well, I just have not been on
track lately. Truthfully, adjusting from my hometown to the
dorms has been hard on me, especially since I do not have
the same views as almost everyone else around here.
The last thing I will improve on (I do not need to improve
on studying, you can ask anyone in the dorms, I usually go
to the library all the time) is organizing and making sure
that everything is done perfectly. I do my work, but once
and I while I might put less effort into something because
I forget do write something up until right before the
class. I have just recently started organizing and I am
actually planning my time out quite well. If you have any
questions regarding my letter or referring to my goal to
improve my grades, please contact me, I am always willing
to discuss my education and any criticism that you feel is
necessary to bestow on me.

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