lost in the dark
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2001-10-25 04:51:41 (UTC)


Hello Entry.

When things are done !!

What is left ? look about you and you might see that there
is plenty left to do. And there does not seem to be enough
time to do it all.


You might not see it right away. But, right under your
nose might be something that you have been looking for.
I dought that most people see it. It is one of the things
that you don't always expect to see. When things are rough
and the times are even rougher.
You see this hand. Is it the hand that is going to help
you up or is this the hand that is going to beat you down
some more.
Looking around some more to see if there is anything else
that you are able to find and grab hold of. Again, you see
the hand, Friend or Foe.
Why have I not seen this before ? What has been holding me
From the ground to my knee's. That hand is strong. That
hand gives power. That hand, that hand. Tears run down my
Once again there is that hand to help me up. I am on my
crouched now, almost there. The hand is still strong, and
giving off power. Why don't these tears stop.
Feel the strength coming from the hand. Taking me to my
feet. Unsteady, I am. Balance has not been fully restored.
Feeling the strength. Tears keep coming, my gawd help me.
Standing Steady on my feet. I look in the eyes of the
person that holds me up. Tears come down my face. Once
again the feeling of you so close to the heart, and the
power of what you do, with out even realizing what you do.
Tears that are coming from the heart.
Standind, looking you in the eye. I don't see judgement, I
don't see pity. Tears running down my face.
With the joyment of knowing that one is so close. I want
to express what you have just done. Tears coming from the
soul of my body.
Wonders that you have brought to me. I remember times when
there was no hand. But, I see you with out a second
thought, giving me a hand. So many tears that come from the
love that I have for you.


The thought that I am going to sleep with tonight is about
a friend that has been there more then they know.

Lost in the Dark...

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