my reflection
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2001-10-25 04:47:14 (UTC)

Am I too tied down?

Hello everyone. I'm new at this whole web journal
thing so bare with me. I just wanted to write about how
tied down I feel at this point in time of my life. I am 14
and I'm having to concentrate all my energy on being the
best because those are the standards that are put on me. In
everything I do, they say I have to be the best. It wears
me out sometimes. Ecspecially because I'm not the best at
every single thing.
Right now, I'm feeling tied down because I have a
boyfriend. Nothing extremely serious, I mean I'm only 14,
but nevertheless we're supposed to be going steady and all
that rot. I like him a lot, but I hate having a boyfriend.
I can't do anything without him knowing and when I do he's
upset. I have to work him in even when I don't want to. I
guess I'm being selfish, but I think that at this point in
my life, I don't need to be making sacrifices for a
relationship that isn't going to last forever.
I'm sacrificing the childhood I have left and also the
freedom to find myself because of this guy. Has anyone out
there gone through what I have?