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2001-10-25 04:21:26 (UTC)

You Remind Me of What I really Am

Unlike a lot of the past few days, today was a really good
day. I did a lot of stuff that I really like doing... I
sorta feel like I'm finding a place that I like being in
for a change. With all the wierd changes in my life that
have been going on lately, I was really glad to get out and
do something really great.
I sorta seem to have a clear idea of where I want to aim in
life and so that's pretty cool. (I'm so descriptive...
these adjectives are so creative aren't they...)
The title of this entry is a line from a Nickelback
story... it sorta has a lot of wierd background to it. But
it kind of has a meaning separate from the funnie story
that goes along with it... I'm just glad to be getting back
to normal after a lot of shit has gone down... I guess I'm
dealing with it in a more productive way and so I'm "in a
happy place" I know that's really cheesey.
Other cool news I saw someone fameous today. And it was
really wierd, because they're not fameous like
Entertainment industry fameous... sort of fameous for who
they REALLY are... so that was really cool. I guess sort of
thinking about it now it fits with the whole theme of the
evening... accomplishment. Accomplishing things is always
much better than just drifting through life :)
School is going OK now... I think the reason my marks are
lower than I want them to be is cuz I have less free time
than I did last year... I have to learn how to make all
these things work at the same time. REsponsibility sucks!
I'm getting on an airplane on Friday for the first time
since everything. I don't know what it's going to be like.
I think the stress of this whole thing has hit me in ways
that are sorta subtle... I think I'm pretty edgy lately so
who knows what getting on a plane will do to me.
It's not good to worry about it though. I'll see on Friday
what it's like.