The Useless Drag of Another Day
2001-03-13 23:11:21 (UTC)

Spun through her gilded webs of hope

March 13, 2001; 5:01 p.m.
song of the moment: teenage riot by sonic youth

today was so horrible. absolutely miserable. almost as
pathetic as yesterday. yesterday was honestly the most
boring day of my life ever. i swear to god that i stared at
the wall for like an hour, i'm not being sarcastic at all.
today was just not gishalicious(hmmm, i suppose you want a
definition of gishalicious. here ya go: gish-a-lic-ious
[pronounced gish-uh-lish-us]- adj. of ophelia origin. of or
relating to a thing of a high degree of coolness; very
good.) i completely did not want to be at school...it
dragged on for years it seemed. oooh but i did do one thing
that was kinda nice...in one of my classes we did this
activity where everyone wrote their name on a paper and
passed it around the class and each person wrote something
nice about you...quite childish, i know, but it made me
smile...here were some of the things listed on my paper:

"you are not afraid to be yourself"
"very positive, extremely responsible"
"you're really creative and realistic, you have an awesome
head on your shoulders..."
"you're so independant and i really admire that. not to
mention you're an amazing actress"
"you inspire me, you always say what you believe in"

thats just a small sampling of what my paper included...i
wonder if people really think that about me. i mean, i try
to think that i possess those qualities....i know i'm
independant and quite an individual...positive and
responsible i dont know about...heavens, i feel so vain
talking about myself. so, my best friend wrote this big
huge paragraph that will probably make me cry if i read it
again, its really sweet. clanthaly and i have been best
friends for such a long time, almost twelve years now i
think. you'd never think we'd be friends. i'm this insane
nonconformist and she's a happy cheery nsync fan. who
wouldve thought. its so weird...i dont know why we're so
close but we really are. i suppose i'll never really know.
but i'll just be happy that we are friends...anyway, i have
an ungodly amount of chemistry homework to do...have a
lovely day, whoever you are reading this. i hope you had a
nice day and if not i hope tomorrow's better, i really do.
love, peace, empathy, mischief, desire and gladness forever
and day....