emily says hi
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2001-10-25 03:10:47 (UTC)

today seems like a good day, burn a bridge or two...

...one went over creeking, one went right on cue, ...some
people really suck, ....chalk it up to bad luck...i know a
drug star cow girl, so afdradi of getting bored....i wasn't
for reality just so many drugs in it....beautiful
disater-er.....flyig down the streeet agaaaaain....

So i have this theory about good songs....i'm pretty sure
that music, the good songs especially, are resposible every
once n a while for saving the planet. Think about how many
people are depressed in the world and actually want todie
everyday. I mean, who DOESN"T have those days where they
know that they really would be better off slittingtheir
wrists that night. they probably listen to their favorite
song before they ake out their razor blade and listen to
that song and get tottaly wrapped up in it blah blah blah i
wish i was smart.

but i regress, plus the rents are kickin