through the looking glass
2001-10-25 02:51:55 (UTC)

I go out walkin......

"I go out walkin after midnight out in the moonlight"
Well Last night was soooo fun another walk. We walked from
the coffee shop...... The long way!! it was alot of fun
though I was glad we were able to hang out like that. I
will admit The more I see of Eric the more I want to see of
him. He definitly knows by now I care about him I don't
think there is a way he couldn't. As far as everythign else
goes Cathrine went off the deep end the other night :( I
wasn't happy about that at all. Before I was a Councelor to
my friends Jack and Ader. Oh well I guess thats proof that
I am a councelor at heart. As far as all else lets see I
haven't been to class in a couple weeks I should realy go
to those teachers and let them know whats going on. But
damn I know I would need solid proof if I was a professsor.
Anyway So I don't think that my Jack is going anywhere I am
doing good this week its just my friends are on crack and
getting more nuts everyday. But hey thats what College is
like I can't help that. Not much exciting here just
checking up with everything. Listening to the Dixie Chicks.
I am sooo In love with Life and Eric right now. I love all
my friends for all their quirks the only problems I have at
the moment are external and those will just be delt with.
but hey man I am tired so I will leave now.

Lisa Fuqua