Tucker's Personal Log
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2001-10-25 02:40:58 (UTC)

Midnight Surprises: Stardate 10110.24

The following entry is rated NS15-L - Not Sutable for Net
Surfers under the age of 15 due to language.

Personal Log Entry Begin.

Well, today's entry begins last night...when my friends
surprised the shit out of me! It's about 10pm, and I get a
phone call from Bobby G - a friend from high school. I was
stunned to hear his voice...and even more surprised to hear
that he was on campus. So, I run to Megan's dorm,
expecting to find him hanging out with Megan and Beth. So
I open the door..and I see Bob there...and next to him on
Beth's iMac is Dan Bob (Who isn't a hick by the way...his
actual name is Daniel Robert, but the hick name is
funnier)...and behind him is Mollie (spell her name with
a "y" instead of "ie," and she'll feed you your gentitals
through a straw)...So I'm now really stunned. "What the
hell..." I walk further into the room, and look to my
right, and practically shit myself - Christopher
Chamberland, freshman and pimpster (yeah right), recently
of Notre Dame, IN, is sitting on the floor. I of course,
tackled the son of a bitch...I have a hunch that the
picture Bob took is going to appear at my Eagle Ceremony:

"Dude, isn't this kinda stuff illegal in Boy Scouts?"
"Hey, everybody, look! Here's a picture of me humping
Chris! And I'm not sure what's more disgusting - the fact
that I did it, or the fact that Bobby was watching when he
took our picture!"

So last night was cool. And then, when I got home, I
discovered that am a member of the cast of Whip City Radio
Theater. I am pumped - yes I am.

So I spent an hour or so writing my fan fic for Tia, my
beloved little one, and went to bed at 1:30. Before doing
so, I Astrally Projected to her house in Lee. I believe
that I made it there...but I ended up trying to return to
my body around 3 this morning. Found myself in the middle
of the road to her house in Lee...My spirit must have been
sleepwalking. But I know I made it, because Tia said that
she woke up as if she was holding someone.

Jump to today's activities - nothing too exciting. English
proved that my skills from that Reading seminar with the
motivational speaker guy has helped my reading abilities -
I read a 15 page section of text I'd forgotten to read in
about 3 minutes. Not with full retention mind you - if was
a little broken up - but I read it. It was really cool
stuff. Usually that would take me about .5 hours, so a
tenfold increase of my reading speed is quite impressive.
Logic was short and irritating, but the project I have to
do looks like cake - and I've caught up (in a matter of
speaking...I've used my secret technique for paper
completion...and I won't share it, because then it wouldn't
be a secret), so life is good. Mass Comm was okay too -
nothing too exciting, except that Prof. Huntemann sounded
like a cutesy anime character, which made me long for my
little one (who happens to be my personal walking anime
character, than you very much).

Then of course there was issues with Megan...There've been
plans made to hang out at Hampshire at Mollie's dorm, but
Megan, due to her visit with her mother, can make it. And
so she's trying to manipulate the game plan, and she's
giving me white if I need any more of those. At
this rate, I'll be whiter than Dad by the time I graduate!

Well, that's all the time for today...I need to finish that
fiction story so I can make Tea cry, and then I need to
sleep...I am pooped.

End Log.

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