My strange world
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2001-10-25 02:30:13 (UTC)

A great day

Today I got home from school and what do you know, a letter
in the mail from my dad (my parents are divoriced and I
live with my mom). It was addressed to me and my mom, so I
let her open it. It contained the email addresses and
mailing addresses for my two brothers on my dad's side. I
havent seen or spoken to them since I was six years old!
Well, immediately I e-mailed both of them. About an hour
later I got an email back from my brother Rob! Well...
Turns out that hes married and has a kid! As you can see,
my dad isnt the greatest at keeping me updated on these
things, not that hes not a good father or anything, we just
dont keep in touch that much... I havent heard from my
other brother Mike yet.

As for the rest of my day... not a lot happened. I went
swimming with my brother for an hour or so... and am
currently writing in my journal... Ill probably watch a
movie or something now...