even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
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2001-10-25 02:02:48 (UTC)

simpson is a jackass

earlier today
im in spanish, and i just thought, i could be typing. i
finished my test early, proabably failed it. did i read the
story? no... i went 311 last night, it was the most
uncomfortable pit ive ever been in, everyone was really
nice though. i felt sick the hwole time, though. i doubt
icve fully recoverd fomr neilys veggie burgers, if thast
what uit was (today i was htinking that im gaining wieght,
and my muscles are strectching to accomodate) i was just
coloring since guardiola won;tl let me go to my locker to
get my journal or a book or whatever. i just got a whiff
of cigarette smoke. we smelld so bad after the show, we
smelled like cigarettes, weed, sweat an dbeer, it was a
raunchy smell, not like the toadies this , more liek th
back room, only less beer and more wee, we saw mike and
cheese (hgeres how gross it was, after the show, mike gave
me a hug, and his shirt was dripping, and candice was
soaked, wet untilw e got home and she took it off) and
candice wa lsike, im not bitter anmore, to mike, and cheese
was like, i need a beer, we bummed a cigrette off of him,
and w left, mom got kinda pissy cause we were late, i told
her we were late because some girl had to get carried off
in a cervical collar, which one did, but we were just late,
she got on me as i was giogn to bed, after the show, and
tlkaing alot about how tired i was, and itslike, im tired,
i said that, why get on me about being late right this
second...? ikes, and today i came in early for math
tutorieals, and i talked to that guy, hes got a.d.d...

so i did talk to that guy in math... the one that reminds
me of jack and that i look at all the time, and whos shirts
always fit, i was sitting with paul and he came and sat
with us, and it waslike we were in 7th grade, it was so
funny.. he had this sour bubble tape gum, and he was like,
here, put all of this in your mouth,a nd paul did an dhe wa
slik, ahhhh its too sour, and then they were like, putting
gum on eachotehr spapers, it was so stupid, but it was a
nice break from waht sually goes on in that class... i
think i like it, i donnt knwo if i like him that much,
though, cause it turns out we've talked before, when brian
nueles talked to stecha one time, he was there and i was
there, and rememebered, so... chances arei could pull a
thing off if i wanted too, but the fact that he was with
brian nuels... kinda sketchy.... and hes kind of weirdly
intorverted and immature, we'll just see how it goes... ive
had boys ont he mind alot lately, and i do;t really knwo
what to think... or do, cause its not on specific boyt, its
just boys boys boys, and this could be a very easy quick
fix, you know?yieks, i dont liek that i just said that,
tsounds kind of cheap of me...well, we'll see waht
happens.. yea i love my boys, i really do... i had lunch
with all of them today, but i managed not to talk to sjoh
like at all, whcih sucks, cause i love josh, hes great, and
i feel bad that we didn't talk... i don;t kno who i did
talk too.. aum, i know and mike, and james, maybe... and,
nope, jennifer maybe... really i can't rmemerb... i can;'t
even remembr what veryone wore today.. excpet aum, cause he
wore blue, josh wore a hoodie, james wore ... grey... kelly
wore red, alex wore jesus, joselin.. bebe... ididnt; see
sam, but he said he wore scrubs... meece wore a rival
schools shirt, carl wore a mushroom shirt, frienam wore a
grey button shirt.. candice, last i saw her was wearing a
wife beater...stecha was wearing grey, klinger was wearing
a green keep autin weird shirt, and lee was also weraing
grey.. lee and i foudn a coolspot to sit, and watchthe sun
go down, which we did today, i think we'll do thtat more