allie lost

allie lost
2001-10-25 02:01:52 (UTC)

knowing death with pink bunnies

life is only interesting because of all of the colorful
people you might encounter in your daily endeavours. but
wha of those who lack that color? what of that one guy in
the black leather jacket with the messy blond hair and the
look of superiority. what if you wanted him. what if at
some point he had wanted you. what if every conversation
you had with this guy you were constantly afraid that he
might take things the wrong way and silently hate you
again. but what if despite all of the confusion and
uncomfort he is surrounded by, you still want him. you
can't figure out the attraction, you can't understand why
he moves you so. you try the normal tactics of flirtation
and devulging of secrets to see if you can read him. but
all you leave with is more confusion which relates to pink
bunnies burning on stakes and choice of death.