Babydoll in Hell

my life with the devils
2001-10-25 01:38:16 (UTC)

im sad 2

dead diary,
i somehow dont think that two of my friends are my friends
anymore. "C" (we'll call her "C") is moving in on my other
friends. "C" is now hanging out with this girl named "A"
(we'll call her "A") and now theyre becoming like best
friends. the only thing that is making me upset is "C"
never liked her before. and now shes hanging out with her
and im left out. and we needed to watch this movie in
english that was really good but they insisted in mocking
it. and they both know that i like the movie. not only
that you cant talk to "A" without her talking about this
guy that she likes. she insists on getting the attention.
believe me. shes much better when she has the attitude
that the world can go away and she wouldnt care. now shes
trying to be little miss popular. and its not only pissing
me off but its pissing my friend "A2" we'll call her "A2")
off as well. we both notice it. and because she met this
guy through "M" (well call her "M") shes been hanging out
with her nearly every weekend. and this isnt the first
time either. she didnt with all her boyfriends. She met
the first 2 through "A2" and she hung out with her
constantly. Then with the third one she hung out with "R"
(we'll call her "R") and they were buddies. now shes doing
it with "M" and so im sad. and to top it all off, i have
always and forever,

p.s.-im sorry i complained to you but i needed somebody.
lovenyas. bye!!!