Happy days, and then those other ones
2001-10-25 01:34:47 (UTC)

hanky panky?

wow... that's fucking amazing! i am old enough to have a
friend, who like 6 months younger than me, who is gonna GET
MARRIED! it's like - wow! i don't remember growing up,
yet here it is! Well, best of luck to Kristyn! That is so
awesome! I mean, remember getting lucky in the chorus
room? (he's so hot) and "i must confess, britney's into
incest" eep! all you and your kristyness to become a mrs.
kristyness Frenauld! wow. i think i'm jealous! wow.

(screw my questions. nobody answered.)

~ caroline j. (mrs. jones? no, not yet, not for a while

speakin of, i love dustin! everybody will him to call me.
mental power is powerful.