the one who got away

lost somewhere inside of me
2001-10-25 01:29:24 (UTC)

if i were a monkey

just got tired of being normal i figured i would be
spontaneous with the title

work work work thats all i ever do
we were pretty busy tonight considering its wednesday
but the FFA are in town so its to be expected
we had a party of 19 come in and then a party of 11 an
eventful night no lessthe lights went out b/c it was
storming really bad and there is barely enough room for 4
families of 12 people to sit in our lobby
well 35 people were standing in front of the hostess satnd
and inside the door it was a mess
then when the lights went out we had to reset the alarm and
we had every sinlge child in the place shreeking b/c it was
dark.....oh my it was fun
well hope all is well
good night guys
love all