A Dream Gurlz Life
2001-10-25 01:19:07 (UTC)


October 21, 2001
Last night was my homecoming. It was pretty fun. I took
Levi as my date. He was such a sweetheart! He came to pick
me up for dinner *we went to Applebees LoL* and he came to
the door, he looked so cute! He opened the doors for me and
everything. We got to dinner and I swear our waiter was a
little tipsy but it was funny. levi almost convinced him to
give us free drinks lol Then we went to the dance, like we
were walking down the hall and melanie *who i swear hates
me* like jumped on him i'm like okay whatever. She was
tryin to make me jealous by like being all over him or
whatever but of course it didnt work. SHe came over by us
and started dancing with him and I'm jsut like whatever and
started dancing with John, Nicoles date lol. Hes really
nice. Actually I danced with him alot *when I wasnt with
Levi* lol it was all good thoguh. But All the slow songs
except for 1 I danced with Levi. He was cute. ANd everytime
I called him a dork he'd pick me up and spin me around, omg
was I dizzy lol :) We had so much fun! I took pictures of
people for them and all and like levi had his hands around
my waist and everythign *blushing* he was so adorable! LIke
when we walked around and stuff he'd hold my hands *hehe*
When we were getting ready to leave John and everyone gave
me hugs and one girl that wanted to dance with Levi when he
was dancing with me * so he told her no* seemed to get a
little jealous and gave me dirty looks but i mean come on
he was my date lol As we were walking out the door we had
like our arms linked and he gve me his suit jacket cuz it
was cold and then we walked to the truck and he opened and
closed the door for me :) THen like i had a 1/2 hour before
I had to be home so we just like drove around. He actually
acted like he wanted to kiss me or at least I thoguht so
and some of my friends said they thought he did while we
were slow dancing :) SO we drove around aurora for like 25
minutes lol. He passed up my road like 5 times on purpose
though and went extremely slow down my street lol THen when
we got to my house he opened the door and walked me to the
front door and gave me a realy big long hug. He was so
adorable! hehehhehehe I dont know we had a lot of fun and
he said he had fun too, he was such a sweetheart! The bad
thing, well i dont know if its bad or not, is I think I'm
starting to like Levi a little. AHHHH! I dont know ! But
see we are such good friends and I have it in my head that
thats all we'll ever be and nothing more *sigh* i dont
know but we had a lot of fun and people have been giving
me pictures so i'm happy lol :) well i g2g for now bye